Where to Receive Your DOT Exam in Avon Lake, Ohio

DOT Exam Avon Lake OHWhen you work in the transportation industry in Avon Lake, OH, receiving a DOT exam is very important. Not only does receiving the exam help ensure that you are healthy enough to operate the vehicle, it also helps to keep the roads safer. If you have been asked to receive a DOT exam by your employer, then it is important to find a capable medical center that can provide you with the testing and physical needed to make sure you are meeting their high safety standards.

How to Choose the Right Medical Center

In Avon Lake, Ohio, there is no shortage of medical centers in which to receive your DOT exam. Yet, it is important to find one that will provide you with the best medical care and additional benefits. Look for a medical center that offers:

  • Personalized medical care from highly-trained, experienced, and certified DOT examiners who adhere to the highest of DOT compliance standards
  • Quick wait and turnaround times, so you can get back to work as soon as possible
  • The ability to build and manage accounts, so that you can more effectively receive care that is tailored to your specific needs and requests

Health Express Urgent Care is the Walk-in Clinic You Have Been Looking For

For Avon Lake, Ohio, area residents, the premier facility to receive your DOT exam at is Health Express Urgent Care. Not only do we offer DOT exams, but we also provide a number of other occupational health services, including drug screenings, pre-employment physicals, and workers’ compensation exams conducted by DOT certified medical professionals. You will never have to wait long for the care that you need, as we boast short wait and turnaround times, allowing you to get back to work quicker. And, employers can build and manage accounts at our facility, so employees can quickly and competently receive the care they need on their own time. Plus, you can count on receiving the best care in the area, as all of our doctors are experienced professionals devoted to making you feel comfortable and confident with your care.

When you require a DOT exam, make sure to visit Health Express Urgent Care. We are open to all Avon Lake, Ohio area residents during convenient and extended hours.