Health Express Urgent Care Can Offer Avon Lake, Ohio Residents Their Flu Shot

Flu Shot Avon Lake OHEvery year, we hear about how important it is to receive your flu shot. But, do you actually go and get yours every season? If not, then you should. The flu, also known as influenza, is a viral infection that can cause very uncomfortable symptoms that are similar to the common cold, such as nasal congestion, persistent cough, fever, headache, fatigue, and more. Yet, with the flu, the symptoms can be more intense, and complications, such as pneumonia, heart problems, asthma flare-ups, bronchitis, and more, can arise for some high-risk adults and children throughout the Avon Lake, OH area.

Here at Health Express Urgent Care, we make it our mission to stop the spread of the flu in the Avon Lake, Ohio area by offering flu shots during convenient and extended hours each day of the week. We also boast short wait and turnaround times, and appointments are not needed to receive the flu vaccine, so you can receive your flu shot when it is most convenient for you. And, when you visit us, you will never have to question the quality of care you are receiving. Our medical professionals are caring and experienced and will do what they can to make you feel comfortable and confident in our care.

Other Medical Services We Provide

Need more than just a flu shot? Not a problem! We offer virtually anything you could need at our walk-in clinic. Our medical professionals can provide quick and easy sports, school, or pre-employment physical exams, as well as numerous occupational health services, including alcohol testing and DOT exams. We also offer treatment for non-life-threatening conditions, such as bronchitis, lacerations, and the flu, and we have diagnostic testing services onsite to correctly diagnose your condition.

If you require a flu shot or any of our other comprehensive medical services, then visit Health Express Urgent Care in Avon Lake, Ohio to receive the care you require.