Where to get a Flu Shot in Olmstead Falls, Ohio, Visit Health Express Urgent Care

Urgent Care centers such as Health Express Urgent Care in Olmstead Falls, OH offers Flu Shots.

We’ve all said it. “I’ll get it the flu shot later” or “I won’t get the flu.” Guess what? You’re just another one of the thousands of people who take preventative measures to keep us healthy for granted. A simple flu shot can truly make the difference. Symptoms like influenza, chills, fever, cold, fatigue and body pain are all too familiar. However, you may not know a flu can get quite serious and can lead to ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis and for some people, life-threatening complications? It’s true. With the multiple strains of flu today, it just isn’t worth taking the risk not getting a flu shot.

Remember, wait times are short for Flu Shots and urgent care needs. Come in during off hours seven days a week, and never have to make an appointment at our Olmstead Falls location. Make the time to get a flu shot today. In fact, there’s always plenty of time because Health Express Urgent Care in Olmstead Falls, Ohio is there when you are.

Of course there’s no guarantee the flu vaccine will prevent you from getting the flu — however, in most cases, the vaccine will lessen symptoms as well as the duration of how long you’re sick. Get back on your feet more quickly. Most major insurance plans are accepted. Don’t waste another minute, visit the team at Health Express Urgent Care in Olmstead Falls.