Parma Heights, Ohio Residents Can Receive a Flu Shot at Health Express Urgent Care

Flu Shot Parma Heights OHIf you are looking for a place to receive your flu shot this year, then visit Health Express Urgent Care. We offer preventive care services, such as the flu vaccine and immunizations for tuberculous and tetanus, as well as personalized, high-quality care for a variety of non-life-threatening conditions. At our urgent care center, we boast short wait and turnaround times, and appointments are never necessary. And, you never have to worry about the quality of care that you will receive. Every patient who walks through our doors will be treated like family, and our caring, experienced, and skilled medical professionals will go out of their way to make sure you feel comfortable with your care. No other medical center in the Parma Heights, OH area can top the professionalism and quality of care that we provide.

Why Receive a Flu Shot?

You may be wondering, why even receive a flu shot? Well, here at Health Express Urgent Care, we have seen a lot of patients from the Parma Heights, Ohio area suffer through the flu, and the symptoms can be unbearable. From fever and fatigue to nasal congestion and chills, the symptoms mirror that of a cold, but they are often much worse and long-lasting. Plus, for some children and adults, the flu can lead to more serious problems, such as ear infections, heart problems, pneumonia, and bronchitis. So, to prevent time off work or school, as well as the symptoms and complications that might arise, a flu shot is almost always advised.

To receive a flu shot or care for a non-life-threatening condition, visit Health Express Urgent Care at your convenience. We are an affordable and convenient option for Parma Heights, Ohio area residents. Plus, we boast extended hours seven days a week and accept most major insurances.