What to Know When Looking For The Premier Urgent Care Near Me, You, and All Avon, Ohio Residents

Urgent Care Near Me Avon OH

Don’t just trust any urgent care center near me, you, or all Avon, OH area residents. You always deserve the best, whether you have the stomach flu, a sore throat, an ear infection, a laceration, a bone fracture, or a sprain. That is why it is important to find a health clinic that provides more than just the bare minimum.

The Premier Service You Should Receive

Locating the best urgent care facility in the Avon, Ohio area shouldn’t be a difficult task. There are key factors that help set the best apart from the rest. You just have to know what to look for. A premier urgent care facility should offer:

  • Short wait and turnaround times, as well as convenient hours
  • Access to your medical information
  • Individualized care for acute, non-life-threatening injuries
  • A wide range of comprehensive medical services, from immunizations and diagnostic testing  to occupational health series and physical exams

Stop Your Search and Visit Health Express Urgent Care

In the Avon, Ohio area, there is one urgent care facility that checks all of these boxes – Health Express Urgent Care. Our state-of-the-art urgent care facility is open seven days a week with convenient hours, and we boast short wait and turnaround times. Our experienced and highly skilled physicians are trained to provide the high level of medical care that other urgent care centers cannot match. We can treat virtually any non-emergency condition you may be suffering from and provide a number of comprehensive services to better diagnose and treat illnesses or injuries, including immunizations, diagnostic testing, and physical exams.

And, most importantly, we believe in treating our patients as we would our own family, providing the personalized care that they deserve. Our patients also have access to our renowned electronic patient portal where they can review their medical records, the status of their prescriptions, and lab results. Patients can also reach out to their doctor through this portal if they have any questions or concerns about their care.

For more information about how we stand out among urgent care centers in the Avon area, contact us today or visit our center.