Finding the Best Urgent Care Facility Near You, Me, and all of Richmond Heights, Ohio is Health Express Urgent Care

Urgent Care Near Me Mayfield Heights OH

If you’ve ever sat in an ER waiting room you know it can often seem like an eternity. It almost feels as bad as the illness that made you go there in the first place. What’s worse are those bills you get after being treated. It’s not like the old days when seeing your family physician was easy as one, two, three.

Maybe it’s time to step up to the Smart Choice. Health Express Urgent Care Centers is the patients’ top choice. Urgent care centers are growing in popularity across the country. The cost is hard to beat, and you’re assured of high quality, affordable care at Richmond Heights’ Health Express Urgent Care location. They offer extended hours seven days a week, short wait times, and never having to call ahead.

Urgent Care vs. the Emergency Room

Serious health conditions or life-threatening emergencies should always be taken care of at a hospital. However, for non-emergency health concerns, urgent cares are your best decision. They treat stomach flus, burns, fractures, rashes, sinus infections, pink eye, other illnesses and much more. And remember, you’re never a number. Every patient is carefully diagnosed. You’re treated like an individual, and after 72 hours, follow-up calls are made to find out how treatment is working and if further care is needed. Once again, the short wait times make the visit to a Health Express Urgent Care Centers a wise choice.

DOT exams, physicals, and vaccinations are also offered at Health Express Urgent Care, the Richmond Heights area’s top choice.

Walk-in for Flu Shots

A simple flu shot. With the multiple strains of flu today, it just isn’t worth taking the risk not getting one. We often take for granted preventative measures to keep us healthy. If you’ve said, “I’ll get it later” or “I won’t get the flu” guess what? You might pay a serious price. Symptoms like fever, cold, influenza, chills, fatigue and body pain are all too familiar, but did you know a flu can get quite serious and can lead to ear infections, pneumonia, bronchitis and for some people, life-threatening complications? It’s true.  

Make the time. Get a flu shot. With Health Express Urgent Care, there’s always plenty of time because they’re there when you are. And remember, wait times are short. Come in during off hours seven days a week. You never have to make an appointment at our Richmond Heights location.

Don’t waste another minute, visit the professional team at Health Express Urgent Care in Richmond Heights. Most major insurance plans are accepted. It should be said, there’s never a guarantee the flu vaccine will prevent you from getting the flu — however, in most cases, the vaccine will lessen symptoms as well as the duration of you illness. That means you can get back on your feet more quickly.

Professionals at Health Express Urgent Care Centers

Everyone knows seeing your doctor is important, even though it’s not exactly everyone’s favorite thing to do. With non-life-threatening situations, you should consider a more convenient option — the premier walk in clinic in Richmond Heights. Whether it’s colds, stomach flus, or sinus infections to burns, rashes, pink eye, and even fractured bones, the Health Express Urgent Care team of professionals will treat you quickly and get you on your way. We offer convenient hours seven days a week and most major insurances are accepted.


Fast access to your full medical history is vital in today’s world. At Health Express Urgent Care, their patient portal system allows you that fast access. What about physicians? Can you reach one through the portal and ask questions? Absolutely. From an urgent matter to preventative care or even a physical, they’re ready to you seven days a week with convenient hours, short wait times, and no appointments necessary. And remember, most major insurances are accepted. The “go to” option for urgent care in Richmond Heights for non-life-threatening emergencies is Health Express Urgent Care.

Why Urgent Care is Your Best Option?

Feeling sick? Pretty miserable right? And when you’re sick, do you feel like waiting forever as people line up in Emergency Rooms? Of course not. Who needs that? At Health Express Urgent Care in Richmond Heights, there are short wait times, with convenient hours and you never have to schedule an appointment. Naturally, if you’re dealing with a major injury or serious illness, your doctor or the hospital should always be your first choice. But more often than not, non-life-threatening issues that can be resolved efficiently and quickly, don’t have to involve the ER or your doctor’s office. Choose Health Express Urgent Care.

Whether it’s pink eye or sinus infections or stomach flus, and more they’ll make the diagnosis fast and get your treatment underway. It might come as a surprise the team at Health Express Urgent Care does throat cultures, x-rays, TB screenings and more at their facilities. The number one option in Richmond Heights, is Health Express Urgent Care open seven days a week. And remember, most major insurances accepted.