Getting the Best Medical Care in Pepper Pike, Ohio, starts with a visit at Health Express Urgent Care

Urgent Care Mayfield Heights OH

Nothing slows you down like getting sick. Sure, feeling lousy is the worst, but it’s often only the beginning of being under the weather. Sometimes the anticipation of being treated makes you feel worse. Then, there’s the wait time. It’s not like the old days when seeing your family physician was usually a snap. If you’ve ever sat in an ER you know it can seem like an eternity. Then, after you’re finally seen, the bill makes you even more sick. Who needs it?

Step up to the Smart Choice. There’s a reason urgent care centers are growing in popularity across the country. Not only do you get high quality, affordable care, but the convenience and cost are hard to beat. For Pepper Pike area residents, Health Express Urgent Care is the patients’ top choice. Just think of the advantages — extended hours seven days a week, short wait times, and never having to call ahead.

Understanding why Urgent Care is the Best Choice for your Specific Condition

Of course, a hospital is the place to go when there’s a serious condition or life-threatening emergency. However, it’s important to know Health Express Urgent Care’s team of experienced professionals treat stomach flus, burns, fractures, rashes, sinus infections, pink eye and much more.

We’re Designed Around You

At Health Express Urgent Care, each patient is carefully diagnosed and treated like an individual, not a number. Additionally, follow up calls are made after 72 hours to find out how treatment is working and if further care is needed.

Physicals, vaccinations, and Occupational Health and DOT exams are also offered at all Health Express Urgent Care Centers. Pepper Pike residents will that Health Express Urgent Care is the top choice when you’re under the weather.