How to Choose a Walk-in Clinic in Avon, Ohio

Walk-in Clinic Avon OHLet’s say that you have recently come down with an unexpected illness or sustained an injury in Avon, OH. Your next step would be to visit a doctor, right? Well, you could wait around to be seen by your primary care physician, but you could wait days, or even weeks, to get the help you need. There is also the option of visiting an emergency room, but between the long waits and exorbitant bill you will receive at the end of your visit, it is not worth your time or money. Thankfully, there is another option that allows you to receive the treatment you require efficiently. You can visit an urgent care center, or walk-in clinic.

However, before choosing a walk-in clinic to visit, make sure that it meets certain criteria. The urgent care facility that you visit in Avon, Ohio, must have:

  • Short wait and turnaround times to avoid waiting long for treatment
  • Convenient and extend hours, so you can receive the care you need whenever it is best for you
  • Diagnostic testing services onsite to avoid having to go elsewhere to get all the care you need
  • Caring, experienced, and highly-trained doctors, so you can trust you are getting the best care

Visit Health Express Urgent Care to Receive the Care You Have Been Searching For

There is one walk-in clinic in Avon, Ohio, that not only meets these qualifications, but also exceeds them – Health Express Urgent Care. We are the premier urgent care center in the area, offering first-rate care from supportive, experienced, and highly-skilled doctors during extended and convenient hours every day of the week. We can treat virtually any non-life-threatening illness or injury, including sinus infections, bone fractures, pink eye, lacerations, and more, and we offer onsite diagnostic testing services, such as X-rays, to aid in diagnosing and treating your condition. We also do not require appointments, and there is almost always a short wait to be seen by one of our doctors. And, our world-class care does not end when you leave our walk-in clinic. We will extend a courtesy call 72 hours after you leave to make sure that your recovery process is going according to plan.

If you would like to receive the treatment you deserve in a state-of-the-art walk-in-clinic, then visit Health Express Urgent Care today. We happily treat both adults and children residing in the Avon, Ohio, area.