Workers’ Compensation Services are Available at Health Express Urgent Care for Residents of North Ridgeville, Ohio

Workers Compensation North Ridgeville OHNo one wants to get hurt but it does happen and oftentimes in the workplace. Thankfully, we have protections in place to help those who find themselves in such a situation and that’s called Worker’s Compensation. However, it isn’t an automatic process. Going to the emergency room can be a hassle, especially when the injury isn’t life-threatening. That’s why an urgent care facility, like Health Express Urgent Care in North Ridgeville, OH, will most likely be your best option when treating an injury that happened on the job. How so?

To start with, our wait times are much, much shorter than what you would expect in a hospital. In addition, our facilities are comfortable and our staff are not only qualified but care deeply about the patients they treat, making sure you’re treated like a person and not a number.

The Types of Injuries an Urgent Care Manages

It’s safe to say that the doctors and other staff at Health Express Urgent Care have seen their fair share of Worker’s Comp cases. So, they not only know how to treat them but know how to provide the proper instructions to continue treatment needed after the fact. What’s more, the worker’s compensation documentation is something that we are quite familiar with. Some common injuries seen in Worker’s Comp cases include:


  • Dislocations
  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Fractures
  • Back Pain
  • Carpel Tunnel
  • Many others


A Solution That Works

Visit Health Express Urgent Care for more than just treatment, visit for peace of mind. When you’re injured at work, the only things that matter are getting yourself back on your feet as quickly and easily as possible, and that is exactly what we’re here to do. Since we are so experienced with Worker’s Comp, we have the system in place to help not only the injured worker, but the employer to document and care for the treatment. Plus, we are proud to be a BWC-certified provider and partner with ESCREEN for your convenience.

If you’re hurt or in need of preventative services and physicals, or a DOT Exam, visit us at our walk-in clinic in North Ridgeville, OH.