Receive the X-Ray You Require at the Best Urgent Care in Avon Lake, Ohio

X-Ray Avon Lake OHYou have just fallen down and sustained an injury. What is your next course of action? You could wait days or even weeks to be seen by your primary care physician or possibly wait hours on end in an emergency room just to be stuck with an enormously high bill. Or, you could choose the smart option that many Avon Lake, OH, residents have come to rely on for quick and efficient medical care – visiting an urgent care center. When you need an evaluation from a doctor and an X-ray to assess the extent of your injury, an urgent care center can provide just that in a jiffy. Yet, not all urgent care clinics are created equal. Make sure to thoroughly evaluate your choices before choosing a health care option.

How to Choose the Right Urgent Care Center for an X-Ray

When choosing an urgent care center, make sure that the staff is vetted and ready to offer the care you deserve. Having convenient and extended hours, as well as short wait times, is also important, as you never know when a disastrous injury will strike. And, as your injury will likely require an X-ray, make sure that the location has:

  • Diagnostic testing onsite to accommodate your needs
  • State-of-the-art equipment and patient services
  • A specialist who can properly assess your injury and perform testing

Turn to Health Express Urgent Care for the Care You Need

In Avon Lake, Ohio, there is no other urgent care center that can meet your needs quite like Health Express Urgent Care. We have experienced, highly skilled, and caring doctors on staff ready to assist you during extended and convenient hours each week. And, they will take the time to provide the high-quality care you deserve, fully assessing your injury and offering innovative solutions and treatment plans to encourage faster healing. Additionally, at our walk-in clinic, we do not require appointments, and there is usually only a short wait to be seen by a doctor. And, if you require an X-ray, then it will be completed onsite by radiologist technologists using the latest and greatest technology and techniques. We also offer a convenient patient portal so you can check your lab results, as well as your medical records and prescriptions, once you leave our center.

Visit Health Express Urgent Care today in Avon Lake, Ohio, to receive an X-ray and/or other health care services.