Receive an X-Ray from the Medical Professionals at Health Express Urgent Care in Mayfield Heights, Ohio

X-Ray Mayfield Heights OHAre you worried that you might have a broken bone? How about a dislocated shoulder? Or, maybe a sprain? If you recently suffered a fall or similar accident and wonder if you might have any of the aforementioned injuries, then don’t wait to receive the care that you require. Visit Health Express Urgent Care for an X-ray, diagnosis, and treatment plan. Here at our premier walk-in clinic in Mayfield Heights, OH, we proudly offer cutting-edge X-ray equipment and other diagnostic testing services onsite, which allow our highly skilled and experienced doctors to more efficiently and effectively diagnose your condition. We even have a radiologist technologist on staff at all times to perform X-rays. And, like with all of our services, appointments are not required, and wait times are often minimal.

Why Receive an X-Ray?

Our doctors use X-rays to confirm a wide variety of non-life-threating injuries, as well as to better understand the severity of a particular injury. Yet, here at Health Express Urgent Care, more often than not, we use an X-ray to confirm one of the following conditions:

  • Fracture
  • Strain
  • Dislocation
  • Sprain
  • Foreign body

Once a diagnosis is confirmed, our physicians can provide the right treatment plan for your specific injury, often stabilizing the injury with durable medical equipment, whether it be a walking boot, splints, a cast, etc.

Our Convenient Patient Portal

Want to know more about your condition, see your X-ray, or access your prescription? By visiting Health Express Urgent Care for your medical needs, you can! We offer a convenient patient portal that affords you the ability to access your electronic medical records, lab tests, and even prescriptions. And, after you leave our urgent care clinic, you can ask our doctors questions about your diagnosis and treatment online through our patient portal.

To learn more about our X-ray services or any of our other diagnostic testing services, contact Health Express Urgent Care today. We are proud to serve all residents of the Mayfield Heights, Ohio area.