Receive an X-Ray from the Medical Professionals at Health Express Urgent Care in North Ridgeville, Ohio

One of the benefits of going to an emergency room after an injury is all the equipment that is available onsite, something you typically wouldn’t see in your primary care physician’s office. Of course, ERs have their downsides, such as long wait times and massive bills. So, is there a more affordable and convenient option? Absolutely!

Health Express Urgent Care in North Ridgeville, OH offers the convenience of a walk-in clinic with modern x-ray and other diagnostic equipment as well as the qualified staff to use it. These allow our doctors and other healthcare professional to have the information they need to diagnosis you accurately and get you on your way to a full recovery. We don’t have to send you to off-site imaging centers and like the rest of our services, wait times are generally quick and appointments are never needed.


What’s the Purpose of an X-ray?

For the purposes of an urgent care facility, you could expect to get an x-ray for the diagnosis of non-life-threatening injuries. Below is a list of some of the more common things that we treat at our urgent care facilities:


  • Foreign body
  • Dislocation
  • Fracture
  • Sprain
  • Strain


Using an x-ray, we can make a decision as to what you have and the severity of it based on what we see or don’t see. We can usually determine what is required to treat your condition as well as what equipment required to ensure a speedier recovery.


Health Express Urgent Care Patient Portal

Once you leave the facility, perhaps you want to see the x-ray or would like to have access to information regarding your treatment. That’s exactly why we set up a convenient, easy to use portal that allows you to log in and access that information with the tap of your finger. In the patient portal, you’ll have access to lab tests, prescription and any other part of your medical record. Not only that, you can even contact our staff if you have any questions using the portal itself!

Do you have questions about what is involved in the x-ray process? Contact Health Express Urgent Care, your premier urgent care facility here in North Ridgeville, OH to see if you might possibly need and x-ray and what the process would be.