Speak with a doctor
from the comfort of
your home

When life gets in the way of making a face-to-face appointment, there’s telehealth! We know your health concerns can’t wait, and we’re here to help. Now, you can visit with one of our physicians virtually.
Sharon Boles
Sharon Boles
Danielle Cortés
Danielle Cortés
Super easy to schedule and easy-to-find location, friendly and accommodating staff, clean clinic, minimal wait time.
Photos ByElo
Photos ByElo
From the front desk lady to the doctor, our experience was great! We self pay for our kids school physical exam and it was only 35$… professional and diligent staff! Thank you!
Keven Patton
Keven Patton
Health Express Urgent Care has an excellent staff. Parma is lucky to have these folks available for our care.
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood
Very friendly and caring staff. They listened to me and weren't dismissive. I would recommend this urgent care to anyone. I went in on a Sunday, slightly after 9am and was seen almost immediately. Thanks for helping me feel better!
Lucy Hall
Lucy Hall
Excellent care. Thank you.
Frank L
Frank L
Efficient and proficient staff. Very nice people.. Spotlessly clean facility. Book appointment online for little to no wait.
Shannon Robertson
Shannon Robertson
Joey Tekalec
Joey Tekalec

What are the benefits of
telehealth in Ohio with
Health Express?

The bond between you and your health care
provider is vital to your health. While
telehealth doesn’t replace traditional office
visits, it offers multiple benefits.
No Transporation Time
When was the last time you ran into a
traffic jam that made you late for an
appointment? Telehealth means no
more worrying about getting red lights.
Healthcare On-Demand

No more waiting for days to get a refill
on medicine. On-demand healthcare
makes scheduling an appointment as
easy as ordering take-out.

Save Your PTO
It’s a hard pill to swallow when you
have to use your hard-earned PTO for
health care appointments. Telemedicine
lets you use your PTO for vacation.
Skip The Line
We know you love reading the old
magazines in our waiting room, don’t
you? Telehealth puts you at the front of
the line. Enough said!
We Know Ohio Medicaid and

Health Express Urgent Care’s Telehealth designed for you. Our doctors know the ins and outs of providing care to Ohioans. We know so many of our patients are on Medicare and Medicaid which is why we accept both!

Convenience of Telemedicine
We’re all about convenience. What’s
more convenient than same-day
appointments, no travel time and no
time off from work? Telehealth services!

Treatments we
provide via telehealth

Here’s a list of illnesses we can treat and services you can
receive from the comfort of your home.

Our Ohio Telehealth Providers

We employ providers who are knowledgeable, empathetic, efficient, highly skilled, trustworthy, and
passionate about our patients. Meet a few of our telehealth providers.

Ashley Tobicash


Dr. Hamed


Telemedicine is the future of healthcare.

Most people don’t realize many providers started using telehealth several years ago. Today, your primary care provider, mental health professionals, and a wide range of other specialists use video telemedicine. Imagine meeting with a behavioral health specialist from the comfort of your kitchen table!

As a federally qualified health center, we adhere to Ohio state law. That means you won’t have to wonder about your patient rights, including consent and privacy.

More insurance providers now offer telehealth reimbursement, including Medicaid and Medicare. Ask your carrier whether they cover telehealth appointments.

Because we’re local, all Health Express Urgent Care Centers have experts on staff who understand Ohio Medicaid. They can help you figure out Medicaid coverage before you make your telehealth appointment.

Covid 19 and health services.

Due to Covid 19, more patients request telehealth appointments than ever before. Using a computer or phone opens up a world of opportunity for us to keep you healthy and safe, including patient monitoring and patient care.
If you’ve not yet scheduled a virtual visit, we would love to see you soon. Regardless of what happens with Covid 19, telemedicine is here to stay. It’s part of the new normal!

Virtual occupational health
care services for employers.

Before telemedicine, an injury at work meant a visit to the hospital. Now, more employers encourage telehealth appointments. Using audio and video, an urgent care provider can assess injuries and prescribe treatment, including back-to-work limitations.

About Health Express
Urgent Care

Health Express Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care provider serving communities in the Cleveland, OH area. Our team of passionate medical professionals stand ready to assist you with a variety of resources. We offer a menu of comprehensive services at each of our clinics. If you need more information, we’re happy to answer questions and help you access care at a center near you.