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Employers can create an account with Health Express to ensure their employees have the proper exams and screenings, are compliant with industry-specific regulations, and that you receive test results the same day.

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Sharon Boles
Sharon Boles
Danielle Cortés
Danielle Cortés
Super easy to schedule and easy-to-find location, friendly and accommodating staff, clean clinic, minimal wait time.
Photos ByElo
Photos ByElo
From the front desk lady to the doctor, our experience was great! We self pay for our kids school physical exam and it was only 35$… professional and diligent staff! Thank you!
Keven Patton
Keven Patton
Health Express Urgent Care has an excellent staff. Parma is lucky to have these folks available for our care.
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood
Very friendly and caring staff. They listened to me and weren't dismissive. I would recommend this urgent care to anyone. I went in on a Sunday, slightly after 9am and was seen almost immediately. Thanks for helping me feel better!
Lucy Hall
Lucy Hall
Excellent care. Thank you.
Frank L
Frank L
Efficient and proficient staff. Very nice people.. Spotlessly clean facility. Book appointment online for little to no wait.
Shannon Robertson
Shannon Robertson
Joey Tekalec
Joey Tekalec

Top-Rated Occupational
Medicine Services at Health Express

Drug Testing

Employers often require pre-employment drug testing. They may also request a random drug tests part of their health and safety programs. We offer drug screening at our walk-in occupational health centers. Breath alcohol testing is another service we provide on behalf of employers. We’re open 7-days a week with convenient hours. Check our website for our occupational health clinic locations.

DOT & T8 Exams

We make it easy to get your DOT physical. Physical exams required by the DOT include vision and hearing testing, a blood pressure check, and an assessment of your overall health. The Ohio Department of Education requires a similar physical exam for employees who transport students, a T8 Exam. We offer both exams as part of our occupational health services at unbeatable rates. No appointment required.

Physical Examinations

Even if you’re not a commercial truck or school bus driver, your company may require employees to complete a pre-employment, fit for duty, functional capacity, post-accident, or job-specific functional physical exam. If they also request drug and alcohol testing, you can take care of both at one of our walk-in clinics. No appointment needed.

Work Injury Care

We’re certified by the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to treat non-life-threatening work injuries and treat each BWC work injury with a back-to-work focus. Our Worker’s Comp specialists take care of all aspects of your claim. We treat every injury or illness with the highest quality of care, and work to get you back to work ASAP so you can avoid taking employees off the job whenever possible.. We’re on a mission to keep the workforce healthy and safe but also productive.

X-Ray Imaging

For work-related injuries requiring x-ray testing, you’re in the right place. Our clinics all have radiology technologists on-site. No running around town to get x-rays, diagnosis, and treatment in different places. We take care of all aspects of non-life-threatening injuries you may face as part of the workforce right here in our clinic. Treatment is always on a walk-in basis.

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We stand behind our years of experience, expertise, and reputation as a top-rated occupational health service provider. Ohio-based businesses have trusted us for the past seven years. We’re the go-to walk-in clinic for workplace injuries, pre-employment physicals, and a complete menu of general health services, including drug tests, fit for duty physicals, DOT drug testing and DOT physicals, OSHA compliant audiograms, snellen and color vision testing, vaccines, and much more.

We don’t only provide health services to workers. We offer many resources designed to help a business educate its workforce on workplace health, safety, and well-being. Whether you need information for employees on the various tests we offer, or you need a list of our services, we make it easy for your business to do business with us.

If your business hasn’t yet partnered with us for occupational health services, we’re happy to provide more information. You can contact us by completing the form above and we’ll reach out to you within the next 24 hours.

Why work with
Health Express for occupational health?

With our extensive experience and dedication to fast, easy, compassionate care, you can feel confident you’re in good hands when you need help the most. We have an excellent team of medical professionals that specialize in occupational medicine. They understand employee health and work hard to get you back to work.

Since our clinics include radiology and laboratory services, you won’t bounce from one clinic to another. We handle the x-rays, vision and hearing screens, urinalysis, physicals, work injury treatment, and drug testing on-site with fast results.

For your convenience, we also offer customized plans specific for your employee testing needs. All of our locations provide COVID tests as well. Whatever care and resources you need to get back to work, we’re here to make it happen!

We offer something unique at our occupational health clinics. In the past, a work injury usually meant a long wait in the emergency room. We’ve come a long way! Today, you can meet with an occupational medicine specialist without leaving work! Using telehealth, you’ll visit a provider virtually via video chat.

You won’t be able to take care of pre-employment physicals or drug testing through telehealth – many occupational health services require an in-person visit. However, we can take care of screening for your non-life-threatening injury, illness, or other general health concerns through our telemed service.

We also offer virtual screening for COVID-19. This is especially critical for workers as it means they can get screened, and if necessary, schedule a COVID test at one of our physical locations during the telemed visit. Telehealth COVID screening works well to help prevent the spread of COVID throughout the workforce. You can get a quick visit for a COVID test and obtain a rapid test result within minutes, informing you whether you should stay home or go back to work.

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