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Urgent Care
Parma, OH
Walk-In Clinic

1400 W. Pleasant Valley Rd. Parma, OH 44134
Office: (440) 882-6595
Fax: (440) 882-6594

Clinic Hours

Mon - Fri: 8 am - 8 pm
Sat - Sun: 9 am - 6 pm

Sharon Boles
Sharon Boles
Danielle Cortés
Danielle Cortés
Super easy to schedule and easy-to-find location, friendly and accommodating staff, clean clinic, minimal wait time.
Photos ByElo
Photos ByElo
From the front desk lady to the doctor, our experience was great! We self pay for our kids school physical exam and it was only 35$… professional and diligent staff! Thank you!
Keven Patton
Keven Patton
Health Express Urgent Care has an excellent staff. Parma is lucky to have these folks available for our care.
Melanie Wood
Melanie Wood
Very friendly and caring staff. They listened to me and weren't dismissive. I would recommend this urgent care to anyone. I went in on a Sunday, slightly after 9am and was seen almost immediately. Thanks for helping me feel better!
Lucy Hall
Lucy Hall
Excellent care. Thank you.
Frank L
Frank L
Efficient and proficient staff. Very nice people.. Spotlessly clean facility. Book appointment online for little to no wait.
Shannon Robertson
Shannon Robertson
Joey Tekalec
Joey Tekalec

Health Express Urgent Care Services in Parma, Ohio

The Health Express center for urgent care in Parma, OH, is here to provide the treatment and services you need when you need them most. With no appointments necessary, you won’t have to deal with the frustration of the often inefficient and impersonal experience of a crowded hospital emergency room to get the care you need. Walk-ins are always welcome, and regardless of when you come in or what kind of service you need, we’ll treat you with the respect and care you deserve.

Our Urgent Care Clinic Parma, OH staff is caring, knowledgeable, experienced, and always respectful and professional. Thanks to their expertise, we are able to provide a wide range of different services for a variety of injuries, illnesses, and conditions, including:

It’s not always easy to know whether you have the flu or a common cold. Now, we have COVID-19 adding to the confusion. If you experience these flu-like symptoms: fever, body aches, sore throat, congestion, headache, upset stomach and/or shortness of breath, please walk-in during office hours for your same day rapid COVID test at one of our locations for a rapid COVID test or PCR COVID test near you in Parma Ohio.

Our rapid test results are given to you before you leave (within 15 minutes) and PCR test results come back within 1-4 days. We also have a rapid FDA and travel-approved NAAT travel COVID test which allows you to be cleared for travel the same day.

At Health Express Urgent Care, our amazing pediatric care team in Parma, OH treats colds, ear infections, and other common childhood illnesses. If your child tangles with an animal or a stinging insect, we’re also experts in treating bites and stings. Think you might be pregnant? Come in anytime and get a rapid pregnancy test. Since we’re local here in Parma, we can also refer you to a prenatal care specialist.

Viruses and bacterial infections are not the only cause of sore throats. Sometimes your throat hurts from overuse. Have a sore throat or laryngitis? No need to wait to determine whether it’s a common cold, strep throat, flu, mono, or covid. We offer rapid testing for for strep, flu, mono, and covid so you’ll have a treatment plan in place and prescription before you leave. We’ll make sure you feel better, faster. Our urgent care in Parma is open 7 days a week.

Whether you break a bone, step on a sharp object, or get a bump on the head, we’re here 7 days a week in Parma to put you back together. Minor fractures, dislocations, lacerations, and sport’s injuries don’t intimidate us! Our radiology technologist is here on-site should your provider order X-rays. We provide treatment of injuries for adults, teenagers, and children!

Did you wake up with a pain in the neck or an aching back? Working too hard in the yard, lifting with your back instead of your knees, or overdoing it at the gym can all result in painful sprains and strains. When rest and ice at home don’t help, visit our walk-in clinic in Parma OH. We love our weekend warriors! Walk in to our clinic any time and our doctors will be here to resolve your pain.

Don’t let the hives get you down! From runny noses and sneezing to skin rashes and more, we’ve seen it all. Our expert providers know how to diagnose and treat allergic reactions. If you’re experiencing a life-threatening reaction, you should go directly to a hospital. We’re here daily in Parma OH to help treat your irritating allergies and respiratory infections fast.

Rapid, PCR and
Antibody COVID
Testing in Parma

We make access to COVID-19 testing sites easy and stress-free. Our urgent care center in Parma is open 7 days a week and offer rapid travel-approved COVID testing, rapid antigen and antibody testing, and PCR COVID testing. No appointment needed for a covid test, just walk-in!  Learn more or book on our covid page here

Healthcare in Parma

As a Bureau of Workers’ Compensation certified provider in Parma OH, employers feel confident in the care their employers will receive. We even handle insurance claims for our Worker’s Comp patients for free. In addition to treating non-life-threatening work injuries and infections, we also provide pre-employment physicals, DOT exams, drug screenings, BWC certified work injury treatment, and general health conditions. We send you employee test results the same day and you’ll never have to schedule an appointment, they just walk-in for their tests.
Our outstanding staff of occupational health experts, convenient hours and availability, and the fact that we’re urgent care with no appointments in Parma, OH, are all part of our ultimate aim to put you, the patient, first.

A Few Of Our Parma Ohio Team Members

We employ staff who are knowledgeable, certified, empathetic, trustworthy, and
passionate about patients. 

Dr. Hamed


Monika Duda


Dr. Ali


Lauren Nemeth


Shari Saleh

Lead Receptionist

The Health Express Walk-In Experience

We’re a private walk-in health care facility, offering a comprehensive menu of services. If you’ve never visited Health Express Urgent Care in Parma, you’re in for something different. The mission here is to provide friendly, patient-centered care delivered by a team of skilled medical professionals. Our staff truly cares about your health and well-being, and we strive to make everyone feel like family.

You can always see us quickly, whether you have an appointment scheduled or are walking in. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and what makes us the top-rated urgent care Parma, OH clinic for you and your family.

We offer walk-in testing and Walk-In Urgent Care with no appointments in Parma, OH, which makes us the most convenient and accessible option for getting the treatment you need. We’re even open much later than most other Urgent Care Clinic Parma, OH, clinics on weekends in order to best serve the local community. Our clinic is open seven days a week for your appointment urgent Care, and rather than closing early in the late afternoon on weekends like most other urgent cares might, we are open until 6 PM.

Physician-Owned and Operated

We’ve designed our facility with you in mind! Our board-certified physicians own and run Health Express Urgent Care. We share ownership and make the medical and business decisions that directly impact your quality of care.
We never require you to make an appointment at our health clinic, you can always walk-in our urgent care in Parma for fast care. 

At our Urgent Care Clinic in Parma, OH we want to help get you what you need, and we realize that sometimes you just might not want to come to our center or for Walk-In Urgent Care just to speak to a doctor for a diagnosis or for answers to a few questions. That’s why we also offer virtual visits so you can get the expert opinion you need right when you need it.

Caring For The Parma
Ohio Area Since 2014

Our staff takes great pride in caring for our friends and neighbors. We love being part of our local community, and we’ve been here since 2014.

Visit Our Parma Urgent Care

When you’re not feeling well, we’re here for you in Parma Ohio. If your child needs an immunization, we’re here. You can call, but you don’t need to – we don’t require an appointment at any of our locations.

Our great staff of occupational health experts, convenient hours and availability, and the fact that we’re an urgent care with no appointments in Parma, OH is all part of our ultimate aim to put you, the patient, first.

Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and what makes us the top-rated Urgent Care Clinic Parma, OH, the clinic for you and your family. You can always see us quickly, whether you are walking in or have an Appointment Urgent Care scheduled.

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Parma Location:
1400 W. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Parma, OH 44134
Office: (440) 882-6595
Fax: (440) 882-6594

About Health Express
Urgent Care

Health Express Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care provider serving communities in the Parma, OH area. Our team of passionate medical professionals stand ready to assist you with a variety of resources. We offer a menu of comprehensive services at each of our clinics. If you need more information, we’re happy to answer questions and help you access care at a center near you.