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Health Express, a leading urgent care provider in Northeast Ohio, offers X-ray services at 4 convenient walk-in clinic locations in the Cleveland and surrounding areas with centers in North Ridgeville, Avon Lake, Mayfield Heights, and Parma, Ohio.

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Imaging When You Need
It Near Cleveland, OH

Our centers in Parma, Mayfield Heights, North Ridgeville, and Avon Lake all offer x-ray and x-ray evaluation for on site treatment before you leave the office.

Schedule an appointment or walk-in

All X-ray services you need will be ordered from our provider during your visit. Please schedule a book ahead visit to be seen by one one of our providers on our website or just walk in to to be evaluated. 

X-Ray from Provider

If an x-ray is ordered from one of our providers during your evaluation on your visit, you’ll have your x-ray in house and your x-ray results before leaving our facility.

Wait for your results

Since we offer x-ray scans and reads in house, you’ll have your treatment plan before you leave the office. Electronic copies are available for your upon request. 

Diagnostic Imaging On Demand

Health Express provides a convenient, stress-free solution when you or a loved one needs X-rays. All of our locations have x-ray machines on site and can get you back quickly for your scan and results so you can get treatment and get back to feeling yourself in no time.


Don’t let a broken bone keep you down. Visit our walk-in clinic diagnosis treatment of all fractures.


Shoulder popped out of its socket? Taking X-rays is the first step to take toward pain relief.

Sprains & Strains

Broken bones aren’t the only reason people need X-rays. We’re here when you twist an ankle too!

And More

Beyond broken bones and sprains, let us take care of any additional services you may need.

Digital X Ray Services

If only Humpty Dumpty could have enjoyed the benefits of digital X-rays. Instead of rushing to put Humpty together again, his caregivers could have taken X-ray images to detect fractures and even joint damage caused by falling off the wall too many times. A digital X-ray can see conditions not picked up on a standard X-ray image. For example, patients experiencing pain without evidence of trauma benefit from the deeper view provided by digital X-rays. The ability to see below the surface could save your life. We’re excited to offer digital X-rays to patients who visit a Health Express Urgent Care walk-in clinic.

The process to take a digital x-ray is much like the one we use for a standard x-ray. We’ll ask you to sit, stand, or lie down, depending on the type of image we need. If your condition makes it challenging to position you for your X-ray, your provider will discuss potential accommodation to make the procedure easier for you. Whether we determine you need digital X-rays or standard X-ray services, you’ll receive the same personalized advice, diagnosis, and treatment. With a radiology technologist onsite and the advantage of digital X-rays, we can diagnose a wide range of illnesses and conditions.

Our X Ray Machines

The medical team at Health Express uses state-of-the-art X-ray machines. That decreases the time it takes us to assess your injury and put your treatment plan in place. In addition to looking at potential broken bones, digital X-ray machines can also help diagnose various health conditions, including pneumonia. Images from digital chest X-rays allow your doctor to more effectively determine whether you need a prescription or a different kind of treatment. Since they don’t use bulky film, our digital X-ray machines make imaging more convenient for you and your doctor.

Our state-of-the-art X-ray equipment enables our medical team to take the guesswork out of diagnosing an internal injury where there’s no noticeable evidence of trauma. Digital X-ray technology is non-invasive and uses less radiation than standard X-rays making it safer. Also, since our radiology technologists have access to the same digital X-ray services at each urgent care location in our practice, we won’t ask you to drive across town because another site uses a better X-ray machine.

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Health Express Urgent Care is a walk-in urgent care provider based in the Cleveland, OH suburbs. We are a team of passionate providers ready to assist you.