UTI Testing

UTI testing can help identify if a patient has a UTI, or a urinary tract infection, which is one of the most common infections in your urinary system. If left untreated, UTI can result in complications like kidney damage and other serious consequences.

Take control of your health with Health Express Urgent Care’s UTI testing services.

What is UTI?

A UTI (urinary tract infection) is an infection in your urinary system — usually caused when bacteria or other microbes like fecal flora enter the urinary system. This can occur in your urethra, bladder, and kidneys. They can be extremely uncomfortable and can cause pain, but if treated correctly, they usually pass within a few days.

How Can You Identify It?

Common Symptoms of a UTI:

  • Felling the need to pee more often than usual
  • Pain or discomfort when peeing
  • Unable to empty your bladder completely
  • Pain in your lower stomach could be a sign of UTI
  • Urine that’s cloudy or contains blood
  • Feeling achy and tired

UTI Testing At Health Express Urgent Care

We provide UTI testing Ohio services through comprehensive diagnostic tests, including urine analysis and laboratory testing. Our experienced healthcare professionals will guide you through the process.

Our efficient process ensures prompt turnaround times, allowing you to receive your UTI test results quickly and take necessary actions for your well-being.

Why Choose Health Express for Your UTI Testing Services?

We are a leading urgent medical service provider in Northeast Ohio, offering convenient walk-in and pre-booking clinics in Cleveland, Mayfield Heights, North Ridgeville, Avon Lake, and Parma. Our 5 locations provide accessible urgent care services for various conditions 7 days a week.

We accept most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid, making our services affordable and accessible to many patients. In addition to in-person visits, we offer secure telemedicine appointments, including UTI testing, allowing patients to receive quick and convenient diagnoses and treatment from their homes.

So, if you’re experiencing any UTI symptoms or urinary discomfort, please feel free to contact us for our UTI testing services.