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Finding the Best Urgent Care in Olmstead Falls, Ohio, Visit Health Express Urgent Care

Urgent Care Mayfield Heights OHWhen you need urgent care that is not life-threatening and want to be see quickly, visit an urgent care center in Olmstead Falls instead of the ER. If you’re like a lot of people, you probably feel waiting rooms are the worst. When you’re feeling lousy, you just want to feel better immediately, not wait. Then, when you finally do get seen, you’ve got a nice big bill awaiting you. It’s not like the old days when seeing your family physician was a synch and affordable. Let’s face it, sitting in an ER can often seem like an eternity. But here’s some news, it doesn’t have to be.

With urgent care centers growing in popularity across the country and the cost being tough to beat, doesn’t it make sense to step up to the Smart Choice? For Olmstead Falls area residents, Health Express Urgent Care is the patients’ top choice. You get high quality, affordable care every time.

Olmstead Falls Urgent Care offers short wait times, extended hours seven days a week, with never having to call ahead. Walk-in to Health Express Urgent Care, no appointment is required.

Your Specific Condition when it comes to Urgent Care

Of course, if you’re dealing with a serious condition or life-threatening emergency, a hospital is the obvious choice. However, the team of experienced professionals Olmstead Falls Urgent Care treat stomach flus, burns, fractures, rashes, sinus infections, pink eye and much more.

Every patient is carefully diagnosed and treated like an individual and not a number. After 72 hours, follow-up calls are made to find out how treatment is working and if further care is needed. That’s the Health Express difference.

From DOT exams and physicals, to vaccinations and more make Olmstead Falls Urgent Care, your first choice.

Why Health Express Urgent Care is your best choice?

When it comes to non-life-threatening situations, consider a more convenient option than your family doctor or the ER — visit the premier walk in clinic in Olmstead Falls. Of course, everyone knows seeing your doctor is important, even though it’s not exactly everyone’s favorite thing to do. At Health Express Urgent Care, you can be on your way to feeling better fast. With convenient hours seven days a week and most major insurances accepted, we’ll treat you quickly and get you on your way. From colds, stomach flus, fevers, and sinus infections to burns, cuts and wounds, rashes, pink eye, strains and sprains to even fractured bones and more, our team of professionals treat it all. With convenient hours seven days a week and most major insurances accepted, we’ll treat you quickly and get you on your way.

The Patient Portal is key for managing health

Your medical history. It’s undoubtedly one of the most important things to have access to. At Health Express Urgent Care, their patient portal system allows you that access quickly. What about access to physicians? Can you reach one through the portal and ask questions? Absolutely. From an urgent matter to preventative care or even a physical, the Health Express team ready for you seven days a week with convenient hours, short wait times, and no appointments necessary. The “go to” option for urgent care in Olmstead Falls for non-life-threatening emergencies is Health Express Urgent Care. And remember, most major insurances are accepted.

The Best Walk-in Clinic is Health Express Urgent Care

Who needs waiting forever as people line up in Emergency Rooms? Certainly not you. At Health Express Urgent Care in Olmstead Falls, there are short wait times, with convenient hours and you never have to schedule an appointment. Of course, your doctor or the hospital should always be your first choice when dealing with a major injury or serious illness. However, more often than not, those non-life-threatening issues that can be resolved efficiently and quickly don’t have to involve the ER or your doctor’s office.

You might be surprised to learn Olmstead Falls Health Express Urgent Care is able to do throat cultures, x-rays, TB screenings and more at their facilities as well as treat everything from pink eye and sinus infections to stomach flus, and more. They’ll make the diagnosis fast and get your treatment underway. Make the number one option in Olmstead Falls Health Express Urgent Care. They’re open seven days a week. And remember, most major insurances are accepted.