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Avon, Ohio Residents Know That the Best Provider of Urgent Care Near You & Me is Health Express Urgent Care

Urgent Care Near Me Avon OHWhen you are in need of urgent care for a non-life-threatening condition like a laceration, strep throat, burn, sprain, pink eye, or sinus infection, where do you go? There is always visiting your primary care doctor. But, you could wait days or even weeks to be seen, causing the illness or injury to worsen. Visiting the emergency room is also always an option. However, there are downsides. You could wait hours upon hours to be seen by a doctor, and at the end of your stay, you could be saddled with an exorbitant bill. So, where do you turn for urgent care near you, me, and all of Avon, OH? Well, your best bet would be to visit an urgent care clinic. At an urgent care center, you are likely to encounter short wait times, quick turnaround times, and affordable care. And, oftentimes, you don’t even need an appointment to be seen by a doctor at an urgent care clinic! Many clinics even offer all of the conveniences that you would find at a primary care center or the emergency room, such as diagnostic testing and immunizations.

How Health Express Urgent Care Outshines All Other Urgent Care Providers

At Health Express Urgent Care, we are proud to offer all of the aforementioned benefits and so much more. While we offer quick and convenient care, we also make sure to take the time necessary with our patients, as we want them to feel comfortable and confident with their care. We even extend a courtesy call 72 hours after they leave our urgent care clinic in order to check up on their recovery. Patients at our urgent care clinic also have access to a convenient patient portal. This allows them to access their electronic medical record, prescriptions, and even their lab test results from their earlier X-ray or other diagnostic service performed at our center. They can also reach their doctor through this portal if they have any more questions regarding their diagnosis or treatment.

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Health Express Urgent Care is proud to be the best provider of urgent care near you, me, and all residents of the Avon, Ohio, Lorain, Ohio, Elyria, Ohio, North Olmsted Ohio, Avon Lake, Ohio, Bay Village, Ohio, Sheffield Lake, Ohio areas. Visit us today to receive the urgent care that you require. Click here to learn more about our Avon Lake Location.